Tangle® Hairy

  • Tangle® Hairy-Learning SPACE
  • Tangle® Hairy-Learning SPACE
  • Tangle® Hairy-Learning SPACE
  • Tangle® Hairy-Learning SPACE

Tangle® Hairy

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Product Description:

The captivating Tangle® Hairy, a sensational fidget toy designed to provide an enhanced sensory experience. This Tangle is encased in a multi-stranded latex covering, making it a unique and engaging tactile tool.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Sensory Experience: The multi-stranded latex covering elevates sensory stimulation, offering a delightful tactile sensation with every twist and turn.

  • Perfect Fidget Companion: Ideal for both children and adults who fidget, the Tangle® Hairy is a small, portable tool that aids concentration and focus during various activities.

  • Customizable Shapes: Enjoy the freedom to manipulate your Tangle into different shapes, allowing you to direct your attention and reduce stress effectively.

  • Promotes Creativity and Expression: The fluid movement of twisting and turning the Tangle® Hairy encourages a release of creativity and expression, providing productive and relieving emotional support.

  • Compact and Portable: Sized at approximately 18cm long when fully extended, this Tangle is conveniently portable, fitting into your pocket or bag for on-the-go use.

  • Suitable for Ages 3+: Safety is a priority; the Tangle® Hairy is CE marked, ensuring it's suitable for ages 3 and above, making it a great addition to any fidget-friendly collection.

Experience the joy of fidgeting with the Tangle® Hairy, a versatile tool that combines sensory satisfaction with creative expression, making it the perfect companion for stress reduction and enhanced focus. Order yours today and discover a world of sensory delight!

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