Positive Behaviour Kit in a Bag

  • Positive Behaviour Kit in a Bag-Learning SPACE
  • Positive Behaviour Kit in a Bag-Learning SPACE

Positive Behaviour Kit in a Bag

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Product Description:

A practical bundle of resources to support positive behaviour using visual and kinaesthetic tools.

This kit has been put together with the most popular resources to support children who need a little support to help their behaviour. The majority of children are visual learners, yet we often manage behaviour by using our voices. Children may not hear exactly what we are saying, or lose part of the sentences especially if they are stressed.

This bag contains over 200 visual Widgit Communication symbols and a range of practical tools to support visual and kinaesthetic learners.


  • 1 x Fabric Drawstring Storage Bag
  • 1 x  Set of 120 Positive Behaviour Reward Stickers  (with blank fans to create usual reward charts for children)
  • 6 x Blank Fans
  • 1 x Swing-O-Meter (use to support emotional understanding, choice, sequencing and instruction – includes pen and 6 mini white boards)
  • 1 x Show Me Feelings Flash Cards
  • 1 x Behaviour Fans 8 Pack Mixed Set
    • 1 x Emotions Face Fan
    • 1 x Behaviour Fan
    • 1 x I Feel Expressions Fan
    • 1 x It’s Too Sensory fan
    • 1 x Emotions and Expressions Fan
    • 1 x Traffic Light Think Fan
    • 1 x Positive Praise Fan
    • 1 x Positive Social Rules Fan
  • 1 x How do you feel today communication lanyard
  • 1 x Let’s make more smiles
    • a book full of practical ideas to support the management of behaviour written by Wendy Usher.

This excellent value kit in a bag compared to purchasing all the component products separately.

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