Table Top Bamboo Waterfall (4Pk)

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Table Top Bamboo Waterfall (4Pk)

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Get ready for a splash-tastic adventure with our Table Top Bamboo Waterfall set! These bamboo beauties are perfect for creating endless play possibilities and stunning waterfalls.


  • Open-Ended Play: Let your imagination flow! Create beautiful cascading waterfalls, water courses, and more with these versatile bamboo pieces.
  • Set of 4: More bamboo, more fun! This set includes 4 bamboo chutes, each 45cm long, perfect for group play or expanding your water play setup.
  • Durable and Natural: Made from high-quality bamboo, these water chutes are both sturdy and eco-friendly.


  • Encourages Creativity: Watch as kids explore different ways to use the bamboo chutes, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Promotes Sensory Play: The sound and feel of water flowing through the bamboo provide a soothing and engaging sensory experience.
  • Ideal for STEM Learning: Introduce concepts of gravity, flow, and water dynamics in a fun and interactive way.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Play: Use them in a water table, sandbox, or even a shallow pool. The possibilities are endless!


  • Pack Size: 4 bamboo chutes
  • Dimensions: Each chute is 45cm long

Turn any table into a mini waterfall playground with our Table Top Bamboo Waterfall set! Let the water games begin!

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