Lifecycle Layer Puzzle - Frog

  • Lifecycle Layer Puzzle - Frog-Learning SPACE
  • Lifecycle Layer Puzzle - Frog-Learning SPACE

Lifecycle Layer Puzzle - Frog

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Product Description:

The Frog Life Cycle Layer jigsaw is a blast for curious kids to explore the mysteries of animal life cycles! Budding young minds can piece together the sleek chunky puzzle pieces to witness a tadpole's transformation into a frog - Nature's greatest miracle!

Pull away each puzzle layer to reveal a new lifecycle stage. Is the tadpole hatching? Or is the frog ready to swim? Take a good look at the four lift out jigsaw puzzle layers to see how nature works!

This chunky wooden puzzle is suitable for children aged 2 years + and is made from quality, ethically sourced wood.The paints and lacquers used are safe and non-toxic.

Frog Layer Jigsaw Puzzle product features:

  • 4 wooden puzzle pieces
  • 1.6cm x 15cm x 15cm 
  • Responsibly sourced materials
  • 2 years +

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