Big Thick Rope (5M)

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Big Thick Rope (5M)

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Big Thick Rope (5M)

Unleash the endless possibilities of our Big Thick Rope! This versatile 5-metre rope is perfect for all sorts of creative adventures and practical uses in any setting.

Features & Highlights:

  • Walk Along: Perfect for balance and coordination exercises. Kids can walk along the rope, pretending it's a tightrope or a winding path.

  • Pull or Tow: Strong enough to pull or tow objects, adding a fun element to outdoor play or team activities.

  • Mark Areas: Use the rope to mark out different zones for activities, games, or learning spaces.

  • Create Swings and Fences: Transform it into swings or fences, adding a touch of rustic charm to your play area.

  • Peg Fabrics Along: Great for securing fabrics to create shaded areas, tents, or imaginative play zones.


  • Length: 5 metres of pure fun and functionality.
  • Diameter: 25mm, making it sturdy and durable.
  • Material: A lovely natural product that enhances any setting with its earthy appeal.
  • Safety Note: Supervision required to ensure safe and enjoyable play.

Bring the Big Thick Rope into your space and watch the creativity flow! Whether it's for walking, pulling, marking, or creating, this rope is ready to enhance your environment in countless ways.

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